Thursday, June 30, 2011


When a robber forces you to take money from the ATM, do not argue or
resist. You might not know what he or she might do to you. What you
should do is to punch your PIN in the reverse mode.
I.e. if your PIN # is 1254, you punch 4521.

The moment you punch in the reverse mode, the money will come out, but
will be stuck into the machine half way out and it will alert the
Police (security) without the notice of the robber

Every ATM has it; it is specially made to signify danger and help. Not
everyone is aware of this.

tips yang bagoss..
jadi..kalo sesape nk try..bole lah buat ek..hehe..


ㄠㄑㄠㄌㄙ Hazrin said...

btoi na mira.. tips nak double kan jumlah duit tp baki ta gerak2 cane plak? hehe

mIra said...

ayin>>aishh..kalo yang tu ayin la reka nnt..

ㄠㄑㄠㄌㄙ Hazrin said...

bole bha kalo kau.. hee~

iq jauh said...

weh aku da try minggu lepas!
jadi la!gila kalut org kat situ!

nampak benor nipunyerrr..
entry ni baru 3 hari..hehe